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bobbie's new baby formula is perfect for moms who have to start to supplement breastfeeding

Those of you who know me have probably figured out that I sit smack dab in the middle of the "breast is best" and "fed is best" debate - I understand where both sides are coming from and truly respect their opinions and passion for helping moms and babies. But, the longer that I work as a pediatrician, neonatologist, and lactation consultant, the more I have realized that there is not a "one size fits all" approach to feeding babies. Breastfeeding goes smoothly for some moms and babies, which is fabulous, but for others, like when I had my oldest, it can end up being a huge source of stress and strain.

I breastfed all four of my babies but they were all transitioned to formula before they turned one. I really struggled with not being able to exclusively breastfeed them for a year, especially my oldest two, even though I knew at the time that the majority of babies in the U.S. receive formula at some point (over 80%).

I also struggled with trying to figure out which infant formula was the "right"one to pick each time. By the time I had my 4th child I had been diagnosed with celiac disease and was, thus, an avid reader of every ingredient in the foods I ate and bought for my family (including formula). Up until this point I was pretty naive about baby formula ingredients and thought all formulas were the same.

I now know that baby formulas are NOT all the same.

This is why I am so excited that bobbie infant formula is now on the market. bobbie was founded by two moms who totally understand how hard it can be to navigate the world of breastfeeding and pumping, making the decision about supplementing, and then choosing the right formula from their own personal experience.

They have modeled their organic formula's recipe after those that are used in popular European baby formulas, such as Hipp, Holle, and Loulouka, and it is made in Vermont. The benefit of bobbie is that it is FDA approved and easy to order online, without the hurdles, hassle, and cost of trying to find and import formula from Europe.

I would have used bobbie to supplement my babies in a heartbeat had it been available at the time - this is why I am recommending it to you! I have done a "deep dive" into learning about all baby formulas over the last year and this is definitely my favorite milk-based one for babies who do not have any food sensitivities or allergies.

Please follow this link for more information about bobbie and purchasing. They are offering 20% of all customers' first orders right now too. If you end up trying it out, I'd love to hear about your experience too.

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