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Baby Feeding Consults

I started offering baby feeding consult a few months ago through after noticing that almost half of the questions I've gotten from new parents the last few years have been about feeding-related issues.

Since starting babygabbie a few months I have been able to help families with the following:

-helping a couple choose a formula for a newborn they were going to be adopting within a week

-assisting a mom with figuring out which dairy-free formula would be the best option for her almost one year old

-making a plan for a mom to be able to transition to exclusively breastfeeding her preemie

-evaluating a baby who is growing slowly to make sure that her nutrition is adequate

-helping a family figure out that their infant has FPIES (food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome)

-figuring out why an infant with a milk protein allergy is symptomatic

-chatting about the benefits of using European formula to supplement breastfeeding

-shipping goat's milk formula to a family who was interested in trying it

I hope to eventually merge my two endeavours (babygabbie and Primrose Newborn Care) under one umbrella to be able to provide infant services nationally. In the meantime please reach out if you would like to collaborate.

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