Newborn Telemedicine is Up and Running

May was an extraordinarily busy for me as I tried to balance the needs of my family and household, neonatology duties, teaching requirements, and coaching my kids' track and field team with continuing to grow (or at least trying to grow) my newborn medicine visiting side practice. Writing all of this makes me realize that I desperately need a break!

The most exciting development of my neonatal side practice last month, hands down, was my ability to get newborn telemedicine up and running. This had been a dream of mine for months and months.

"What is newborn telemedicine?" you might ask...

Newborn telemedicine is video access for parents and caregivers to be able to ask me ANY and all questions about their babies. It's available just about anytime (as long as I am up and awake) and just requires that parents download an app (called VSee) onto a phone, tablet, computer, laptop, or other device.

Benefits of telemedicine include the ability for me to communicate with families face-to-face and being able to see their babies in real time--this enables me to make more accurate diagnoses than I can over the phone, and, thus, give parents guidance and advice in a timely manner. The technology is easily accessible as long as one has a device that can support the telemedicine platform. Lastly, when parents communicate with me they have peace of mind that they are interacting with a doctor who has tons of experience with newborns, infants, and preemies (and helping their parents!)

Examples of topics that families can discuss with me via telemedicine:

-Feeding guidance

-Lactation support

-Diagnosis and treatment plan for babies' rashes

-Troubleshooting causes of excess crying and/or colic

-Determine if one's newborn sleep environment is safe

-Possible postpartum depression or anxiety

Despite this still being a work in progress, I think that newborn telemedicine has the potential to help a lot of new mothers by providing additional support during the fourth trimester that does not currently exist.

If you are reading this and have questions and/or advice I would love to connect with you. Please email me ( or send me a message through any of my websites.

Thank you!

Jessica Madden, MD