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Supporting New Mothers

I am in the midst of creating a series of posts, like this one, to help new mothers learn all of the following:

-that having a new baby is hard work, and that it's this way for the vast majority of us (even if it seems like everyone else has it figured out!)

-that there is nothing "wrong" with a new mom if she thinks the postpartum period is more difficult than she anticipated

-to not be afraid to reach out and ask for help, be it with housework, or her feeding her baby, or for mental health concerns

-that it's okay, and actually healthy, to let her friends and loved ones know if she is having a difficult time with her transition to motherhood

-that breastfeeding does not always go as planned, and that no matter how her baby is fed, he or she will be okay in the end

-that the fourth trimester is just about the biggest adjustment period she will go through in such a short period entire life in her entire life (so that it makes sense that it's challenging and often stressful!)

-that she is never alone

-that she deserves to be nurtured and loved as much as she nurtures and loves her new baby

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