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A Neonatologist's Favorite Newborn and Preemie Phone Apps

I did not use apps when I had my babies as I did not buy my first smart phone until my 3rd was 6 months old (and I was so busy when I had my 4th child in 2012 that it never crossed my mind to research baby apps!)

Therefore, I've collected a list of my favorite apps for all of the other busy mamas out there.

1. Preterm Growth Tracker: I love this free one because it is specifically designed for preemies down to 23 weeks gestation and growth is based on the Fenton curves.

2. Baby Connect: This app tracks just about everything (feeds, diapers, weight, immunizations, milestones, etc.) and can be synced between parents and other caregivers. It's currently $4.99 but well worth the price. Some of my friends have continued to use some of the tracking functions into toddlerhood and beyond.

3. Sweet Dreams: A free app with multiple choices of white noise and sleep sounds for babies (and big kids and adults too!), including ocean, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and rain sounds.

4. Baby Nursing: This free app has a lot of the same functions as Baby Connect (see #2) but not as many bells and whistles.

5. LactMed: Free app that includes the National Institute of Health's database about the safety of medications and dietary supplements while breastfeeding. This is especially invaluable information for anyone in the medical profession!

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