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We need to have honest conversations about the fourth trimester.

We need to stop pretending that it's no big deal to have a baby.

We need to stop convincing ourselves that we should be able to"bounce back" and return to our "normal" lives within weeks of giving birth.

We need to stop making breastfeeding seem like it is always easy and natural, and to spend time preparing moms for the struggles that might come up while they are trying to nurse.

We need to stop inundating new moms with visitors during the first few days home from the hospital and expecting them to be able to converse with us and entertain us--we need to make it socially acceptable to wait to visit a newborn baby for a few weeks to even months after birth.

We need to stop telling moms with signs of postpartum depression that they just have the "baby blues" and will "snap out of it."

We need to stop the ridiculous postpartum fixation on when we can start to have sex with our partners again.

We need to start to take care of and love and nurture new mamas as much as we do their babies.

We need to markedly improve the current approach to postpartum and newborn care in the U.S.--to make it both mom AND baby centered. Because having a baby is a huge deal, and new mamas need all of the support they can get!

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