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Resources for the Use of Medications while Breastfeeding

Not a week goes by that I am not asked the question, "Is the medicine I was prescribed by my doctor safe to take when I am breastfeeding?" I am very thankful that there are such excellent, up-to-date, resources on this topic to help me to provide guidance to new moms, including the Infant Risk Center and LactMed.

The Infant Risk Center, which is part of Texas Tech University, was founded by Dr. Thomas Hale, the author of the book "Medications and Mother's Milk." I have called the hotline on their website numerous times through the years and there is also a ton of information to be found in the articles and forum on their website.

I have also been recommending the National Institute of Health's LactMed website and phone app to new mothers, as they are easy to navigate and have a ton of helpful information on the safety of drugs during breastfeeding.

If I come across additional resources about this topic I will add them to this post.

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