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Pump2Baby bottle is a postpartum and breastfeeding game changer

LacTeck is a new company that is dedicated to making new moms' lives easier. I was able to connect LacTeck's founder, Juan Chen, several years ago and am so thrilled that her company's inventions are finally hitting the market.

LacTeck's newest product, the Pump2Baby Bottle, directly connects one's breast pump to a bottle, so that a baby can drink at the same time that his or her mom is pumping. As a former exclusive pumper I can appreciate how innovative this is, as it takes two steps (double pumping, followed by bottle feeding) and reduces it to one. It also enables moms to be able to easily hold and bond with their babies while pumping. Per the company's website the average exclusive pumping mother can save about 180 hours by using this product over six months!

Pump2Baby can also greatly help moms in the following situations:


-Preemies who are having difficulty latching and breastfeeding both while in the NICU and once home

-During travel--can reduce number and length of stops to breastfeed during road trips

-Working moms--can do morning pump and morning breastfeed at same time before heading to work (and hopefully be able to ditch having to pump while driving to work!)

I really wish that this product had been on the market when I had my oldest in 2005 as I would have given anything to have not had to "triple feed." I have no doubt that Pump2Baby will lead to the postpartum period being more enjoyable and less stressful for thousands of new moms.

To pre-order please check out LacTeck's website. The retail price for one bottle is $14.99. I will also have Pump2Baby bottle samples to share with some of my newborn home-visit clients in the greater Cleveland area (

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