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Helpful articles, books, and blogs


Optimizing Postnatal Care

ACOG Committee Opinion, published May 2018

Link to article can be found here.


The Fourth Trimester

By Kimberly Ann Johnson, 2017

A postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotion, and balancing your vitality.



By Erica Chidi Cohen, 2017

A beautifully written book that presents natural, medical and integrative approaches to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. Worth reading and sharing with all expecting mamas as it emphasizes the importance of self-care both during and after pregnancy


4th Trimester Project

UNC Center for Maternal and Child Health

Multidisciplinary, ongoing project regarding improving postpartum care. Link to website can be found here.


The Forgotten Trimester

By Megan Gray, MD, 2018

A guide to the 4th trimester written by an OB/GYN and new mom.

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